Award winner with a curious mind

Sep 23, 2021 | news

Skin researcher Beate Lichtenberger from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria is this year’s winner of the LEO Foundation Award – Region EMEA worth USD 100,000.

Beate Lichtenberger’s research aims at a better understanding of how fibroblasts – an important cell type that keeps our skin smooth and elastic – affect skin cancer, skin regeneration and skin diseases like scleroderma and keloid scars. Beate has already provided key contributions to the understanding of basic skin biology as well as new insights into the processes of wound regeneration and skin cancer development showing true therapeutic potential.

Ida Brams, Chief Grant Officer at the LEO Foundation, is excited about honoring Beate with the award:

“In the LEO Foundation, we are excited to honor an outstanding and curious young researcher like Beate, who has already shown exceptional talent and perseverance. As an experimentalist, Beate has developed new techniques in the lab and demonstrated that she can develop her research in new directions by combining expert theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and scientific curiosity,” says Ida Brams.

 “Beate is an exceptionally talented young scientist showing huge potential for a continued career as an independent scientist and research leader,” Ida Brams continues.

About the award

The LEO Foundation Award – worth USD 100,000 – is given three times annually – one in each of the three regions: Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific.

 The award is an individual prize awarded in open competition. It was born out of the aim of advancing the understanding and treatment of skin diseases and strengthening the pipeline of excellent dermatology researchers. The award recognizes promising young talents and hopefully provides a boost to their future careers.