Solidarity with Ukraine

Apr 12, 2022 | news

The ESDR Solidarity in Adversity committee has trusted contacts in Switzerland and France who are overseeing deliveries of medical supplies to Ukraine. The addresses below can receive deliveries of any size.

Supplies that are urgently needed are:
cotton wool, bandages, gauze, plaster bandages, sterile wipes, ordinary alcohol, ant, peroxide, iodine, adhesive plaster of various widths, kits for catheterization of central veins, suture material, catheters, infusion systems, including for blood transfusion, nasogastric tubes, oxygen cannulas, oxygen masks, urinary catheters, urinals, sterile-non-sterile gloves, shallow surgical instruments (clamps, needle holders, scalpels). Filters, contours, intubation tubes, semiconductors, laryngoscopes, trocars, various surgical drains. Diapers for adults, catheters for remediation soft and complex type Yankauer, L-shaped corrugated connectors, garbage bags.

Addresses for sending supplies is: 

For shipment in EU:
Ferrari expeditions SAS
2 rue de Paris 77230 Villeneuve sous Dammartin
Contact: Julien Piernas
Responsable Entrepôt Non-Valeur / PLV
T +33 (0) 1 49 96 60 60 T +33 (0) 1 71 58 13 59 (direct)


For shipments within Switzerland:
Ferrari Expeditions SA
Rue de la Bergère 1
1217 Meyrin
Contact: David Sauvourel +41799400575

IMPORTANT: Please mark on the documentation|boxes “FOR UKRAINIAN RESUSCITATION COUNCIL”