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The first ESDR Leadership Mentoring program was launched in November 2019. Developed in association with, and directed by, Prof Naomi Chambers of the Manchester Business School (MBS), UK, the first 2-day course included 16 applicants previously selected from alumni of the ESDR Academy for Future Leaders in Dermatology. Observers from the ESDR Board and sister societies were present.

Following the success of the event the ESDR decided to organize a follow-up course directed by Prof. Naomi Chambers (MBS). The follow-up course involved all the participants from the previous program for a one-day follow-up course.


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Leadership Mentoring 2023 part 1

Leadership Mentoring 2023 part 2


  • To address specific individual development priorities for future leaders in dermatology across Europe
  • To share European health policy insights to support entrepreneurship in dermatology
  • To introduce frameworks for effective management and leadership in the healthcare context, including a focus on delegation, conflict resolution and managing strategic change
  • To understand the effects of personality preferences on personal leadership styles and impact on others
  • To introduce the concept of Action Learning and to practice using this approach