ESDR Kitchen

Welcome to the ESDR Kitchen!

ESDR is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new series of live webinars: ESDR Kitchen.

Every second Wednesday at 13.30 (CET), we will run a live, moderated free webinar.
One theme out of the following will be cooked during each webinar:

  • The Recipe Book: New technologies and research techniques explained
  • Sweet and Sour: Two protagonists debate a hot topic
  • Freshly Baked: The latest high impact research findings
  • Molecular Cuisine: Discovery pathways from well-known leaders in investigative dermatology

A detailed schedule of future webinars can be found in the events calendar here.

Access to webinars is currently free but only 500 seats are available: please pre-register here. Registration is only required once for the ESDR Kitchen series.

Missed the Live Stream? 

The full presentations and Q&A from the ESDR Kitchen series are available on the Media section of our website and on our YouTube channel.  


ESDR Kitchen Episodes are generously supported by

Episodes 7 to 14 supported through a grant from Amgen

Episodes 12 to 19 sponsored by Sanofi

Episodes 18 to 25 sponsored by Almirall

Previous Episodes

The Recipe Book

Sweet and Sour

Freshly Baked

Molecular Cuisine


  • Biological Models to Study Melanoma – Lionel Larue –  19 May, 01:30 PM – Register
  • Proteomic Skin Atlas – Beatrice Dyring-Andersen –  24 March, 01:30PM CET –  Watch the video
  • Epigenomic profiling for unraveling gene regulation in skin – Andrew Lin Ji –  Watch the video now
  • Keratins: structural v regulatory proteins – Pierre Coulombe and Birgit Lane – 30 June, 01:30 PM –  Register
  • Can we prevent or cure androgenetic alopecia? – Ralf Paus and Andrew Messenger – 10 Mar, 01:30 PM – Watch the video
  • Atopic Dermatitis & Cardiovascular Disease – Sinead Langan and Sara Brown – 13 Jan 2021 –  Watch now
  • Keratinocytes control skin immune homeostasis through de novo-synthesized glucocorticoids (Science Advances 2021) Presented by Truong San Phan
  • Sustained androgen receptor signaling is a determinant of melanoma cell growth potential and tumorigenesis (Journal of Experimental Medicine) presented by Min Ma

– 21 April, 01:30 PM –  Register

  • More information coming soon
  • More information coming soon

– 16 June, 01:30 PM –  Register

  • Developmental cell programs are co-opted in inflammatory skin disease presented by Gary Reynolds
  • Essential Functions of Glycans in Human Epithelia Dissected by a CRISPR-Cas9-Engineered Human Organotypic Skin Model presented by Sally Dabelsteen

– 10 Feb, Watch the video

  •  TBC – Lars French  – 02 June, 01:30 PM – Register
  •  Chasing after simple logic behind a complex disease, pemphigus – Masa Amagai  – 24 Feb, 01:30 PM – Watch the video


  • Mass Cytometry Analysis Tools for Decrypting the Complexity of Biological Systems – Tiago R. Matos – webcast
  • Sc-RNAseq to study skin – Patrick M. Brunner – webcast
  • CRISPR Genetic Screens to unravel novel genetic elements in epidermal homeostasis and disease – Auken Otten –  11 Nov, 01:30 PM – Webcast
  • Role of Sunlight in Melanoma Pathogenesis – David Whiteman and Julia Newton-Bishop – webcast
  • Vitamin D and Inflammation – Richard Gallo and Scott Byrne  –  Webcast

Hair follicle stem cell replication stress drives IFI16/STING-dependent inflammation in hidradenitis suppurativa – Presented by Cindy Orvain

Sensing of endogenous nucleic acids by ZBP1 induces necroptosis and skin inflammation – Presented by Wim Declercq


Mechanisms of stretch-mediated skin expansion at single-cell resolution – Presented by  Mariaceleste Aragona

The commensal skin microbiota triggers type I IFN–dependent innate repair responses in injured skin – Presented by  Jérémy Di Domizio


IgE effector mechanisms, in concert with mast cells, contribute to acquired host defense against Staphylococcus aureus – Presented by  Philipp Starkl

Myeloperoxidase Modulates Inflammation in Generalized Pustular Psoriasis and Additional Rare Pustular Skin Diseases – Presented by Stefan Haskamp

Loss-of-Function Myeloperoxidase Mutations Are Associated with Increased Neutrophil Counts and Pustular Skin Disease – Presented by Francesca Capon

– 9 Dec, 01:30 PM – Watch now

  • Psoriasis:A Personal Peripatetic Path of Discovery – Chris Griffiths – webcast
  • A personal journey through the biology and the pathology of skin pigmentation – Alain Taïeb & Muriel Cario-Andréwebcast
  • Beyond sticking together: My quest to understand why there are so many epidermal cadherins – Kathleen Green  – Webcast