Report your cases of COVID-19 in AD to SECURE-AD!

May 19, 2020 | news

SECURE-AD is a a secure, online, de-identified Personal Health Identifier (PHI)-free reporting registry for healthcare professionals to report cases of COVID-19 in their AD patients.

We encourage clinicians worldwide to report ALL cases of COVID-19 in their AD patients, treated with or without systemic immunomodulating medication, regardless of severity (including asymptomatic patients detected through public health screening).

Reporting a case to this Surveillance Epidemiology of Coronavirus Under Research Exclusion (SECURE)-AD registry should take approximately 5 minutes.

Please report all confirmed or clinically suspected COVID-19 cases, and report after sufficient time has passed to observe the disease course through resolution of acute illness and/or death.

You can also help maximise the impact of this initiative by sharing the news and link to the website on your social media channels (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram).