Promoting Science for Skin Regeneration

Mar 1, 2021 | news

April 8-9, 2021: VIRTUAL MEETING, A new Society for Regenerative Biologists

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Effective skin wound healing is critical to promote and ensure health. Yet, the diverse structural and cellular compartments of the skin have different regenerative potential. For example, while the epidermis has tremendous regenerative potential, the dermis replaces injuries by a scar. The underlying mechanisms driving the differences in regenerative potential among the different layers of the skin, remain largely unexplained. In such, the role of immune cells and fibroblasts in these processes is not resolved. Further, what is altered during senescence to impact physiological skin regeneration and injury responses, and how are these targets best modulated to slow aging and to treat disease?

To address those questions it needs new methodologies, experimental models and concepts. But even more importantly, it requires scientific discourse, networking and exchange among scientists and clinicians of different disciplines. Likewise, education of the next generation of clinician scientists that translates bench discoveries into the clinic to develop approaches to regenerate the skin and to enhance its endogenous regenerative capacity to restore barrier function is of critical importance.

The International Society for Regenerative Biology provides a new opportunity to actively exchange the latest ideas and to foster potential cross-disciplinary collaborations among Regenerative Biology and Dermatology.

The formal launch of the Society will be at a virtual meeting 8 and 9 April 2021. The meeting will serve as a membership launch and chance to see great talks on regeneration. The meeting is also an opportunity for students and postdocs to submit abstracts to be selected for talks and to participate in breakout sessions.

For further information on the Society please see a recent Editorial published in Development (

Looking forward to see you and your group members there in April.

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Sabine Eming