Mar 4, 2022 | news

Dear Colleagues

The European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) expresses its profound sadness and its major concerns about the ongoing war in Ukraine and its extensive human and societal repercussions. As a scientific organisation representing skin scientists and dermatological researchers from all over Europe, and throughout the world, we promote tolerance and mutual respect as universal values. We are appalled by the violence that has already caused devastating deaths, injuries, destruction, and displacement. We express our sincere hope that dialogue and negotiations will rapidly lead to a peaceful resolution of this crisis.

On behalf of the ESDR, we encourage you to contribute to humanitarian organisations’ efforts operating now in the affected region to help injured civilians and refugees. You may do so through donations, or any material assistance that is needed. We also announce in the name of the ESDR an immediate donation of EUR 20’000 equally shared between the UNHCR and the ICRC to assist humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The ESDR Board is currently planning further steps to support more specifically Ukrainian Dermatology and welcome any initiatives on behalf of our members. We will provide further updates with practical and useful information, primarily aiming to provide help and support to those most impacted by the war, including our Ukrainian fellow researchers and their families.

Finally, do not hesitate to contact us directly if you see an immediate and pressing need that you think ESDR could help with. We will do our best to accommodate these requests.

Hervé Bachelez, President
Marta Szell, Past-President
Sabine Eming, Secretary-Treasurer-President-Elect
Eli Sprecher, Secretary-Treasurer-Elect
Anna Balato, Board Member
Curdin Conrad, Board Member
Remco Van Doorn, Board Member
Leopold Eckhart, Board Member
Bernhard Homey, Board Member
Edel  O’Toole, Board Member
Christoph Schlapbach, Board Member
Julien Seneschal, Board Member
Enikö Sonkoly, Board Member
Andrea Szegedi, Board Member
Kaisa Tasanen, Board Member
Thomas Tüting, Board Member
Rachel Watson, Board Member


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees- The UN Refugee Agency


International Committee of the Red Cross