Stefania Jablonska (1920-2017)


Our condolences to friends and family of Prof Jablonska, who passed away on 8 May 2017.

The community of European skin scientists will dearly miss Prof Jablonska. She received a very impressive number of awards and honors by many national professional societies. She was also honorary member of our international organization, the European Society of Dermatological Research (ESDR). As representatives of the ESDR, promoting skin research in all of Europe, the board of the ESDR expresses deep gratitude for all she has done for skin research.

Professor Jablonska will be remembered as an innovative thinker, a promoter of research and a friend for many. Her interests were broad, she was a formidable debater. From early in her career she was determined to excel in research and what we today call translational medicine. Her achievements, for example in studying HPV infections or cutaneous autoimmunity among many other subjects, are deeply appreciated in Europe and throughout the world. Professor Jablonska is certainly one of the most respected, quoted and liked European dermatologists. Her legacy will live on through generations.


Matthias Schmuth