Global Health Awardees


Photo courtesy:  Tiago R. Matos

Photo courtesy: Soha Seddik

Even more impressive than the cutting-edge science, the 2022 ESDR meeting emphasised the importance of borderless collaborations. Many papers presented in this meeting were produced through collaborations between different universities, different countries, or even between academics and industries.

Global Health Initiative also allowed researchers from developing countries to share research impediments they experienced with colleagues from countries that faced similar situations.

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Chutima Seree-aphinan

2022 Global Health Awardee

I have recently written the part one exam of the Fellowship of the College of Dermatologists in South Africa. The focus of this exam is on the basic science of dermatology, so it was especially enlightening for me to witness the ground-breaking research that was presented. Seeing these apparently arbitrary and abstract scientific concepts being used in research to better the lives patients was exhilarating. This reinforced the importance of skin science in action, reminding me of the intimate relationship between clinical medicine and scientific research.
I was able to put a face to the names of many authors of scientific papers and journal articles that had read. I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with giants in the field of skin science.

Read the full report on ESDR 2022 here

Jacob Sons

2022 Global Health Awardee



From left to right: Thiri Hlaing (Myanmar), Caroline Mwatha (Kenya), Phyo Min Thu (Myanmar), Abdulnaser Hamza Esmail (Ethiopia)