Inflammoncology Workshop

Inflammoncology Workshop

Date(s) - 28/10/2022
All Day





The human mind is used to think in a compartmentalized way. Yet the greatest revolutions of thought occur when the mind moves transversally and is free to make connections and synergies between different disciplines.
In the last 20 years in dermatology we have witnessed a real revolution, the so-called “translational revolution”. It has allowed our discipline to make a cognitive leap so far never experienced, especially in such a short time, and consequently enabled us to offer increasingly capable treatments for an always better management of several dermatological diseases. This revolution involved both the inflammatory and oncological branches of dermatology.
Traditionally, these 2 themes have always been addressed separately and yet the points of contact are remarkable!
The idea of this workshop was born with the intention of addressing in depth the revolutionary path in the 2 branches from the identification of the target to the clinical-therapeutic application.
The concept of translational medicine links laboratory and clinical data within primary and secondary care to clinical research data and offers a holistic and innovative approach. And it is precisely with this in mind that we are preparing to face our workshop in order to make you the protagonist of an event that we hope will create the conditions for triggering those connections and synergies that are fundamental for the creation of ideas.


Registration is free for Students- Residents.

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