ESDR Future Leaders Academy 2024

ESDR Future Leaders Academy 2024

Date(s) - 10/10/2024 - 12/10/2024
7:00 pm - 9:30 am



10-12 October 2024, Uppsala (Sweden)

Chairs: Enikö Sonkoly (Sweden), Sara Brown (UK), Eli Sprecher (Israel)

Mentors: Katia Boniface (France), Sara Brown (UK), Leena Bruckner-Tuderman (Germany), Gareth Inman (UK), Fernando Larcher (Spain), Knut Schäkel (Germany), Enikö Sonkoly (Sweden), Eli Sprecher (Israel), Ellen Van den Bogaard (Netherlands)



  • The program is primarily open to European residents currently engaged in skin-related research (MD, PhD, Post-Doc, Resident etc).
  • A LIMITED number of places will be made available for participants residing outside Europe.
  • Participants must be 40 years old or under by 1 November of the year the FLA takes place. Exceptions may be made for career breaks, maternity/paternity leave etc.
  • Applications are reviewed on scientific merit by the ESDR Scientific Program Committee.
  • ESDR committees are also responsible for inviting senior faculty.
  • ESDR covers accommodation costs for all participants and travel costs for ESDR membersIf you are not a member you may apply prior to the Academy.
  • Participants must commit to staying for the entire duration of the Academy and should travel alone.
  • All participants give oral presentations of their work and be expected to attend mentoring events.
  • Past participants are not eligible for consideration.



07.30-08.30          Breakfast

08.30-09.15          Registration

09.15-10.00          Welcome and Self-Introductions – Enikö Sonkoly (Sweden), Sara Brown (UK), Eli Sprecher (Israel)

10.00-10.30          “Controlling skin stem cells fates” – Guest speaker: Maria Kasper (Sweden) (20mn + 10mn discussion)

10.30-10.50          Coffee Break

10.50-11.42          Oral Presentations by 4 Mentees (8 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion)

11.42-12.30          Breakout Session #1: 4 topics chosen by the mentees (including how to handle the interface between research and medicine as well as work/life balance)

12.30-13.30         Lunch (mentors/mentees matched)

13.30-14.15          Presentation of Breakout #1 Sessions to Plenum

14.15-14.40          “From FLA alumnus to mentor within a decade: the blessing and curse of driving in a fast lane” (15mn + 10mn discussion), Ellen Van den Bogaard (Netherlands)

14.40-15.32          Oral Presentations by 4 Mentees (8 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion)

15.32-16.15          Coffee Break

16.15-17.00          Breakout Session #2: Career and Leadership

17.00-17.26          Oral Presentations by 2 Mentees (8 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion)

17.26-17.51          “Non-classical monocytes in skin inflammation: more to explore” (15mn + 10mn discussion), Knut Schäkel (Germany)

17.51-18.05          Short break and Group Photo

18.05-19.05          Presentation from Industry Partners

19.05                     Networking program


07.30-08.30          Breakfast

08.30-09.00         “The Human Protein Atlas – Large scale protein analysis in pathology–science and practice” – Guest speaker: Fredrik Pontén (Sweden) (20mn + 10mn discussion)

09.00-09.25          TBA (15mn + 10mn discussion), Gareth Inman (UK)

09.25-10.17          Oral Presentations by 4 Mentees (8 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion)

10.17-11.00          Coffee Break

11.00-11.25          “A long career as clinician scientist: lessons learnt” (15mn + 10mn discussion), Leena Bruckner-Tuderman (Germany)

11.25-12.17          Oral Presentations by 4 Mentees (8 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion)

12.17-13.45          Lunch

13.45-14.10          “A personal journey in translational research: Unveiling Cytokine complexity in skin inflammatory diseases​”

(15mn + 10mn discussion), Katia Boniface (France)

14.10-14.55          Breakout Session #3: Diversity

14.55-15.47          Oral Presentations by 4 Mentees (8 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion)

15.47-16.20          Coffee Break

16.20-16.45          “Exploring Beyond: How continuous Skin research sparked a journey into diverse disciplines”

(15mn + 10mn discussion), Fernando Larcher (Spain)

16.45-17.00          Closing Remarks and Wrap-up, Enikö Sonkoly (Sweden), Sara Brown (UK), Eli Sprecher (Israel)

17.00                     Break followed by Networking Program


08.00-09.30           Breakfast and event’s digest

09.30                      Departures