Caterina Missero

Dr. Caterina Missero is Professor of Molecular Biology at the Department of Biology, University of Napoli Federico II, and head of the Molecular Dermatology unit at the Center for Genetic Engineering (CEINGE). She received her master degree from the University of Trieste, and trained in the United States at the Yale University. Then she was appointed Instructor in Dermatology at the Harvard Medical School and Research Scientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Later she become PI at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Napoli (Italy).

Dr. Missero’s research interest is focused on the transcriptional mechanisms and genetic pathways required for normal skin development and function that are altered in inherited and acquired skin diseases. Her research team has used high-throughput genomic analyses, cell biology, and functional approaches such as genome editing to unravel the molecular pathways required for the normal balance between stem cell maintenance and differentiation in the skin. More specifically, her team is primarily dissecting the molecular pathways controlled by the transcription factor p63, a master regulator of gene expression in epidermal cells under pathological conditions to identify novel therapeutic approaches.