2019 ESDR/EADV Summer Research Workshop in Molecular Tools in Dermatological and Pigment Cell Research

Location: Orsay (Paris)
Dates: 17-21 June 2019
Application Deadline: 17 February 2019
Grants available for ESDR/EADV members. Accommodation provided in Paris.

This summer school, held in English, is specifically aimed at dermatology residents/trainees and at PhD students and postdocs affiliated to dermatological research focusing on the melanocyte lineage including hypo/hyper-pigmentation of the skin and hair and on melanoma with limited experience in experimental research and in molecular biology.

The workshop will comprise a mixture of research presentations, and interactive and practical sessions. An electronic and printed booklet of methods and protocols presented during the course will be given to participants at the beginning of the course.

Main Topics will include:

* Establishment of the melanocyte lineage

* Homeostasis of the melanocyte lineage

* Congenital and acquired hypo/hyper-pigmentation

* Melanoma

Specific Topics will cover:

* Establishment of the melanocyte lineage, in vivo and in vitro imaging - Melanosome

* Congenital Giant nevus, Vitiligo - Preclinical development in vitiligo

* Autophagy and pigmentation, Single cells analysis, Genetic of pigmentation and melanoma

* Mechanisms of melanomagenesis, Microbiota and melanomagenesis

* Interaction Melanocyte – Microenvironment, Clinical update on melanoma

Practical courses will include:

* Establishment of melanocytes and melanoma cells in culture from mouse models

* Overexpression and KD (transfection and infection) of genes in cell lines

* Read out: auto-fluorescence, immunofluorescence, WB, RT-PCR, and RNAscope

Localization of melanoblasts in the embryo – labeling (Dct::LacZ, ZEG)