2020 AGM Agenda

2020 ESDR Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM)
Virtual Meeting
Friday 4 September 2020, 11.00-12.00 CET
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1. Opening, Welcome (Chris Griffiths)
3. Matters Arising from 2019 AGM (Chris Griffiths)
4. President’s Report (Chris Griffiths)
5. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report (Hervé Bachelez)
6. New ESDR Members (Hervé Bachelez)
7. Appointment of President-Elect (Chris Griffiths)
8. Appointment of ESDR Secretary-Treasurer-Elect (Chris Griffiths)
9. Election of New Board Members (Chris Griffiths)
The ESDR Board proposes election of the following ESDR members to the Board for a period of 5 years:
Anna Balato (Italy)
Curdin Conrad (Switzerland) 
Kaisa Tasanen (Finland)
Remco van Doorn (The Netherlands)
10. JID Editor's Report (Mark Udey/Thomas Krieg)
11. Other Business and Closing